10 Reasons why Skate-N-Fun Zone is the BEST

This summer it’s time to beat the heat and head to Skate-N-Fun Zone for all your activities because there is SO MUCH to do here! Don’t believe us? We have put together 10 awesome reasons why Skate-N-Fun Zone is the BEST place to be all summer long.

1. Break from the summer heat. This summer it’s HOT and sometimes a break from the heat is nice. Take your break inside the cool Skate-N-Fun Zone.

2. Best birthday parties in town! If you are looking for a themed party, something all inclusive or just something right for you. We have you covered!

3. Events every month. Our team works hard to come up with exciting, different and unique events to get you and your kids having a blast!

4. Get a fun filled workout. You can burn 600 calories in an hour of skating!

5. Hang out with friends all day/night long! Skate-N-Fun Zone is the perfect place to get friends together and have a blast!

6. Affordable activity for kids of all ages!

7.  Skate for FREE with Kids Skate Free! Passes valid for children 12 years old and younger. Skate Rental is $4.50 extra. Can not be combined with any other offer. Can not be used towards group rates or birthday parties. Can not be used for “Special Events”.

8. Friendly Staff – Our staff cares about you and always want to make sure you are having a GREAT time!

9. Attractions: Skate-N-Fun Zone not only offers skating but also has a Laser Zone, Play Zone and Stuff Shop!

10. Skate-N-Fun Zone is SO MUCH FUN for everyone!


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