Laser Zone


laser tag Manassas VA
“Loud heart pumping music surrounds you as the laser beam cuts through the fog. You know your opponent is near. Turning around, you see him near your team’s base station. You seize the opportunity, aim and fire!. Seeing his sensors flash red and green, you know that you have just brought your team one point closer to victory!! ”

Zone Laser is a game played by two teams in the specially designed Laser Arena. Teams play for the highest score. Your team gets one point each time you hit an opponent. Nobody is ever out of the game…Zone Laser is fun for everybody in the family, from ages 4 and up! Adults like to play as much as kids. Zone Laser uses advanced technology that is safe for everyone…no potentially harmful lasers used in the Zone Laser equipment.

Zone Laser is a unique interactive adventure that puts players right into the heat of the action. After a brief introduction, each team puts on lightweight vests and enters a futuristic arena with phasers in hand, ready to seek, find, and deactivate opposing team members and their base station for points.