Don’t miss our last Tot Rock-n-Roll skate of the season!

toddler on skates

Kids of all ages can have a blast learning to skate. Do your toddlers skate?

When schools in session, your older children are off to class during the day, but your little ones are still at home. Throughout the school year we offer Tot Rock-n-Roll sessions on Tuesday mornings, giving parents, nannies, and care givers a chance for conversation while the kids have a blast learning to skate, honing their skills, or just enjoying a trip around the rink on their toys.

Tuesday, June 18th is our last Tot Rock-n-Roll of the season as school will be letting out. Whether it’s your first Tot session or your hundredth, don’t miss out on all of the fun!

What is Tot Rock-n-Roll?

Tot Rock-n-Roll is a time at the rink just for kids six years of age and younger. It gives the little ones time to interact with others their age and of similar skill levels on skates while parents get to have the perfect opportunity to help their little one master the fun of skating or just enjoy a day out with friends. Strollers and ride on toys are welcome during the Tot Rock-n-Roll sessions so that everyone can get in on the fun, even if your little one is still a bit young for skates.

After Tot Rock-n-Roll finishes, when will tots be able to skate?

Our last Tot Rock-n-Roll toddler skating session will be next Tuesday, June 18th, from 10 AM – 12 PM. When we assume our summer schedule, all ages will be welcome during our afternoon sessions from 12 PM – 6 PM, so bring your toddlers with you! If you’re helping a child learn to skate, we have Skate Mates available to help them through the learning process. We also offer skate lessons for those interested in a little helping hand.

We can’t wait to see you with all the little ones at the rink next Tuesday (and on days between and after)! Want to share the fun with everyone? Take pictures of your toddlers during their session and share them with us on Facebook wall!

Photo via Flickr CC.

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