Fun and Family Friendly Exercise at Skate-N-Fun Zone

How many times have your good intentions for getting healthy fallen by the wayside? Goals that seemed so reachable on January 1st seem all but impossible a few weeks later. Time after time we tell ourselves, “I’m too busy,” “It’s not working,” “If only fitness were fun!” stretching

Well we’ve got good news: you can have it all. Ready for a workout that’s fun, inexpensive, and family-friendly? It’s time to hit the skating floor!

Roller-Skating Fitness

Every January gym memberships jump up 12%. By February 1st only 80% of new members still regularly attend sessions at the gym. Where’s the disconnect?

Going to the gym requires a lot of effort. You have to set aside a chunk of time with no kids, no obligations, and no distractions. You have to change into workout clothes, mentally allocating an extra 20 minutes so you can shower at the end of your workout. And while you’re at the gym you’re watching the clock, wondering how many more squats, sit ups, and weight reps you need to finish before you can check “exercise” off of your to-do list.

Trust us, there’s an easier way. Roller-skating is one of those activities you may not categorize as “fitness,” but fitness it is! Doctors, fitness experts, and the American Heart Association rink roller-skating one of the most beneficial workouts, right alongside running, swimming, and cycling! And it’s no mystery why. In addition to being a go-at-your-own-pace, family-oriented activity, roller-skating is:

  • Low impact, reducing stress on your joints
  • A full-body workout, increasing strength in your legs, glutes, core, and even arms
  • Great cardio, improving heart health the more often you skate
  • Good for flexibility
  • A fat burner, burning up to 350 calories per hour

Want to lose weight, get in shape, and live a healthier lifestyle? You don’t have to make yourself miserable! Roll into Skate-N-Fun Zone for good fun, great music, and excellent company during your weekly workouts.

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