Get Fit In 2014 At Skate-N-Fun Zone!

skatelessonsTo help you get back to your pre-holiday waist size and fitness level, we want to see you here at Skate-N-Fun Zone in Manassas, Va! Roller skating is a great form of fitness for anyone and everyone! From little ones just learning to skate to adults getting back on the rink, skating is a fun and burns calories in the process! Keep those New Year’s Resolutions and join us one of our skating sessions or events!

Don’t know how to skate? That’s okay! Skate-N-Fun Zone offers a Saturday Morning Class from 10:00am-11:00am and a FREE SKATE PROGRAM (available Saturday) $140.00-8 Class. At the completion of the 7th class we will order your skate to wear for your last lesson! (selected skates included)

See what events are coming up at Skate-N-Fun Zone:

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