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Background Music

A musical rendition played for a free skating/pairs program in which the skating is not related to the music.


The tracing foot moving in the direction of its heel.


In figure skating this denotes a left foot start.


(Dance) The angle created by the intersection of a lobe and dance baseline. The baseline of rotation for turns. (Free Skating) An imaginary straight line about which a body rotates... continue reading


A 1 1/2 Turn Jump performed from a LOF take-off, counterclockwise rotation, to a ROB landing (no toe-stop assist on take-off or landing). Can also be done from a ROF… continue reading

Artistic Impression

In competition, a score given by judges for the manner in which a routine is performed considering its sureness, carriage, rhythm, and timing of steps and items to the music.


A position of the body in which the spine is tensed backward.


The curve or portion of the circumference of a circle.


A movement in which the body is arched strongly in a continuous line from head through free foot while rolling on any edge or flat.


(Free Skating) The highest or uppermost point of a jump. (Figures) The peak of the arc being skated, always occurring on the long axis.