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Two Foot Spin

A spin requiring both feet for its execution. A two-toe spin uses the front wheels only on both skates

E Position

A closed side by side relationship of partners wherein both progress in the same direction, forward orbackward. E Position is distinguished from D Position by the requirement that partners face… continue reading

D Position

Hand and arm positions are similar to those of the Closed (A) position, but the partners turn slightly so that both may skate in the same direction. The man’s left… continue reading

C Position

A tandem relationship of partners (one behind the other) wherein both progress in the same directioneither forward or backward with the man directly behind the woman. The trailing skater tracks… continue reading

B Position

B Position – An open side-by-side relationship of partnerswherein both progress in the same direction, either forwardor backward, while remaining square to their tracings. BPosition is distinguished from Crossed Hands… continue reading

Advanced Movement

Any movement involving a one foot turn.

Advanced Footwork

Footwork that consists of one foot turns.


A form of pairs team skating incorporating acrobatics, carries, pivots and other specialized movements not acceptable in competitive pairs skating.


The emphasized beats in dance music.

A Position

A closed face-to-face relationship of partners where one partner progresses in a forward direction and the other partner progresses in a backward direction. The forward skating partner tracks the backward… continue reading