Great Events at Skate-N-Fun Zone this November!

Food Drive SkateThis November is going to be so action packed we can’t wait to share with you all the fun events we have planned!  With November being a family filled holiday month, we wanted to make sure we had a full schedule of events for you! Starting November 4th, it’s Out of School Skate, November 5th, it’s Safari Skate, November 11th, it’s Veteran’s Day Skate, November 19th it’s The Movement Skate Night, November 21st it’s Food Drive Skate, November 28th it’s Customer Appreciation Skate, November 29th it’s Black Friday Out of School Skate and Twitter Skate!

Join us through out November for all the family fun possible! Skating events to look out for this November: Out of School Skate on November 4th, Safari Skate on November 5th, Veteran’s Day Skate, The Movement Skate Night, Food Drive Skate, Customer Appreciation Skate, Black Friday Out of School Skate and Twitter Skate!

Call us today to learn more or take advantage of our online booking option! Connect with us on our blog and website, and Facebook and Twitter profiles! Make sure to follow and fan us!

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