Have You Scheduled Your School Party Yet?


Did you know that we do amazing school skate nights at Skate-N-Fun Zone? If not, you need to HURRY and sign up! Time is running out and dates are filling up quickly!! Skate-N-Fun Zone makes fundraising FUN and enjoyable for everyone involved. We also help you promote the event by providing flyers and posters for you school. This will give you the chance to promote it to all your students!

What kind of fun will you get at Skate-N-Fun Zone? Friends, family, music and even a little exercise! In addition, your school will receive all the paid admission fees collected. Where else can you have this much fun all in one place? Enjoy roller skating with friends! Must make a reservation and book in advance. You can book on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8pm. Admission is $3 per person (3 & under are FREE). Skate Rental is $4.50 if needed. All we need from you is a signed contract that is required prior to the first party and all the money earned will be mailed to your school within 30 business days from the day of the event.

To Schedule a date ( or 2! ), please call (703) 361-7465. For a 2 hour private session you pay nothing!!!! No Deposit Required. Connect with us on our blog and website, and Facebook and Twitter profiles! Make sure to follow and fan us!

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