Must Try Activities at Skate-N-Fun Zone!

Getting ready for the weekend and not sure what to do? We suggest to start a to-do list! Stumped on what to add to your list? The team at Skate-N-Fun Zone is here to help. We have put together our top 5 favorite things to do at Skate-N-Fun Zone to make your August the best it can be!

Here are a few fun ideas to add to your list: photo (11)

1. Skating: Get and stay in shape with skate deals, fun events and more!

2. Laser Zone: Zone Laser uses advanced technology that is safe for everyone! Zone Laser is a unique interactive adventure that puts players right into the heat of the action. After a brief introduction, each team puts on lightweight vests and enters a futuristic arena with phasers in hand, ready to seek, find, and deactivate opposing team members and their base station for points.

3. Play Zone: Unlimited Play for kids 10 & under! Bounce, Slide, and have a blast!

4. Stuff Shop: How about a little shopping? Skate-N-Fun Zone has the The Stuff Shop, to cash in your tickets from the arcade games!

5. Awesome events in August! Check out our schedule for more details on all of our exciting events!

Have a question? Give us a call at 703-361-7465!

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