Resolve to Spend Time with Family in 2016

Have you made your 2016 New Year resolutions yet? Well, The Washington Post reports that 40% of Americans make annual resolutions, but only 8% actually stick to them. We can help you make a resolution you can stick with: spend more time with your family having fun while staying healthy! new years resolutions

We understand the importance of spending time with your family. And if you are hoping to spend more quality time with your family in 2016, Skate-N-Fun Zone can help. Our entertainment center has something to offer your entire family, no matter your age or skating experience. The best part? We have a wide selection of skates including inline to quads allowing your family to roll however they choose. Our facility features state of the art attractions that provide an aerobic exercise without seeming like exercise. Plus, Skating alone is recommended by The American Heart Association as a fitness sport and is equivalent to jogging.

Bring the family together for a fun afternoon or night out where your family will bond while having a great time. We will ensure your family has a meaningful experience in our family focused entertainment center!

Image via Flickr 2.0 CC

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