Roller Skating Tricks of the Trade

img1Skate-N-Fun Zone is the best place in Manassas, VA to go roller skating. If you are just beginning to learn how to skate or are a seasoned skater, everyone will have a blast! If this is the first time for you to skate with us, we have put together a few tricks of the trade to help make you a seasoned skater in no time.

Get the right gear!

Getting fitted in the right gear is the first step. We have two types of skates for you to choose between: inline or quad skates. If you are a first time roller skater we recommend the quad skate which will make skating a bit easier. After you pick the right skate, make sure you pick the right size. If you pick a size that is too small they may hurt your feet but if you pick one too big they may make it difficult to skate.

Make sure to bend your knees, please!

Skating for the first time can be scary and instinctively many new skaters will lock their knees when skating which makes it difficult to maneuver around and keep your balance. The best way to prevent this is making sure to bend your knees. This will help!

Get those feet moving!

Now it’s time to start rolling! Get your feet moving and start with one foot at a time. Go sideways and behind you is a gentle arcing motion. Remember, you are gliding around the floor.

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