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Bowl Bombers

Bones is no stranger to developing some of the best, most highly sought after wheels in quad skating , and they’re finally dipping their toes into the (empty) pool you want to skate so badly. Bowl Bombers have been redesigned from their Powell skateboarding days into a smaller, slimmer, and harder wheel fit for the gnarliest shredding you can imagine. Dive in!

Firefly Light Up Wheel

Why just stand out at the rink when you can always take these fun wheels outdoors? The Fire-Fly light up roller skate wheels come in THREE different colors, red, green and yellow — that all flash simultaneously!


Sure Grip’s unique-designed speed wheel can increase your speed/jam/derby performance with a solid design! Sure Grip cold pours their urethane for the Fugitive Wheels for maximum speed and grip. These replacement roller derby wheels corner with a bit less flex due to its design and includes Nylon Hub Inserts for a top performance wheel.


Speed replacement wheel with a twist

RollerBones Elite

Powell Elite wheels are precision cast with RollerBone’s best-rolling, tightest-gripping, longest-lasting urethane. This unique material was also developed by RollerBones and introduced in the early 1990’s. Like RollerBone’s art competition wheels, this material has been copied but not duplicated. This technology costs a little more but if you need the ultimate in roll, grip and wear, Bones roller skate wheels are the wheel for you.

RollerBones Team

Green (93A)

Red (95A)

White (97A)

Blue (Hyrbid)