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Riedell Blue Streak RS

The Riedell Blue Streak RS roller skate set an incredible setup for a roller derby enthusiast.

Riedell juice

Create something special with the Riedell Juice rhythm roller skate

Riedell Quest

The Riedell Quest Jam roller skate becomes an extension of your feet from the moment you lace up the full-grain leather, Model 395 boot.

Riedell Raven

Step in to the Riedell Raven artistic roller skate and experience a new level of comfort and precision performance

Riedell Solaris Pro

If you’re searching for the best skating equipment on the market, look no further than the Solaris Pro.

Riedell Solaris Sport

Incredible skating requires incredible gear. That’s why we created the Solaris Sport.

Riedell Torch

The revolutionary Riedell Torch roller skate was designed to further push the boundaries of what a skate should do for the demanding derby athlete.

Riedell Vendetta

The iconic skate in the sport of roller derby gets a performance boost with the Riedell Vendetta roller skate.