Skate-n-Fun Zone goes beyond the typical skating rink

When you think of Skate-n-Fun Zone,  it’s easy to focus on the Skate part of our name. Still, if you only think about roller skating in Manassas when you  think of us, you’re missing out on all of the other fun we have to offer at Skate-n-Fun Zone. Instead, take a tour of the other attractions we have available at the skating rink that you may find interesting:

Zone Laser – Laser Tag Fun

Adults, teens, and kids alike will all love our Laser Arena. To play, two teams will face off against each other, gaining points for hitting an opponent or an opponent’s base with your laser. Our equipment is lightweight for younger users, though the game is great for all ages. No player is ever “out” of the game, giving your family and friends as much play time as possible during your allotted game time.

skate n fun zone play zone in Manassas

Our Play Zone is right beside the skating area so that the family can enjoy both areas while still being close enough to keep an eye on them.

Play Zone – The perfect place for the younger crowd

Kids can learn to skate as soon as they’ve learned to walk, but not all younger kids enjoy being out on the rink when it’s busier or crowded with others. Play Zone is perfect for ages 10 and under, where they can have a fun time with their peers as they slide, bounce, and swing through our course. It’s a great way to let your teen’s enjoy the skating rink while your younger children get to have a place of their own as well.

Don’t miss out on all of the fun to be had at Skate-n-Fun Zone. Whether you’re stopping by on a Friday evening to have a trip around the rink or scheduling a Laser Tag birthday party, we know you’ll have a blast enjoying our variety of fun options.

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