Summer Fun at Skate-N-Fun Zone

At Skate-N-Fun Zone, we are all about everything fun! And this summer, we have the cure for your summer boredom with our fun attractions:

Skatinglaser zone fun

Of course we have skating at Skate-N-Fun Zone! We love to skate, and we love to have you out on the floor skating as well. Doesn’t matter if you wear quads or inlines, and it doesn’t matter if you are beginning or advanced. Wherever you are as a roller skater, we are here for you. So put on those skates, and skate away any summer boredom that may have set in!

Laser Tag

At Skate-N-Fun Zone, we have Zone Laser – which is our version of Laser Tag! And trust us, we are not talking about a traditional game of tag! is a game played by two teams in the specially designed Laser Arena. Teams play for the highest score. Your team gets one point each time you hit an opponent. Nobody is ever out of the game… Zone Laser is fun for everybody in the family, from ages 4 and up! Adults like to play as much as kids. Zone Laser uses advanced technology that is safe for everyone…no potentially harmful lasers used in the Zone Laser equipment.


We hope that at this point that you’ve got some great ideas for exciting activities at Skate-N-Fun Zone. However, if you are still feeling stuck, then maybe our Play Zone is the place for you. Take on the challenge and try your luck with our racing games, crane games, and more! Don’t forget to cash in on your tickets at our Stuff Shop!

Keep the fun going all summer long by staying up-to-date with our schedule and our special upcoming events!

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