Should you buy skates or rent skates at the rink?

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Should you buy your own skates or rent from the rink? We help you decide.

One of the first things you probably do when getting to Skate-n-Fun Zone is to pay for your skate rental and select your skates. While lacing up your skates, have you ever thought about how your experience might differ if you owned your own skates? Is purchasing your very own roller skates a smart move for you, or are you better off renting? Here are a few things to consider when weighing your options.

The first factor when considering a roller skate purchase: Age

Age should be your first determining factor when deciding whether to buy skates or rent them. If you’re a grown adult with a set shoe size, purchasing skates may be your best bet, as your shoe size is now fairly set and you won’t outgrow your skates. Children, however, are still growing, and may quickly change skate sizes, making renting skates the better option.

The second factor when buying skates: Frequency

The second thing you want to consider when deciding whether or not to buy skates is how often you use them. Are you at the skating rink every week or multiple times a week? Or, do you tend to come once every few months? Owning your own skates could cut down on your costs per month if you’re a regular visitor, saving you from skate rental fees. If you visit our Manassas roller rink less often, renting may be your best bet, as it’s still affordable and you don’t have to carry skates around with you.

The third factor to weigh when considering buying roller skates: Style

Let’s face it–There’s a certain personal style we all like to maintain, and individuals determine what that style is. If you love to show off your personal style, owning your own skates allows you to customize your skates to fit you. You can find a skate style that meets your skating needs, whether you prefer speed skates, regular quad skates, or inline skates, as well customize the laces, colors, and artwork to make your skates all your own. If you don’t mind blending in, rental skates are a great way to have access to skates without having to worry about bringing your own or selecting a pair on your own.


Now that you’re ready to decide if renting or buying roller skates is right for you, head to Skate-n-Fun Zone. We have plenty of skates in multiple styles available for rent so that you can enjoy a day at the rink, and we also sell skates for those of you looking to purchase your very own pair. Be sure to look for skate sales at the rink!


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If you’ve ever been to Skate-n-Fun Zone, then you know all of the fun we have to offer at the rink; from laser tag to tot rock-n-roll, there’s something for every age and every person to enjoy. At the rink, you know what to expect and what you’ll find, but do you know what to look for from Skate-n-Fun-Zone online? You can get the behind the scenes scoop on all the happenings at our rink in Manassas, VA, details on our latest events, and more right here on our website and blog.

What kind of posts will you see on the Skate-n-Fun Zone blog?

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Where else can I find Skate-n-Fun Zone online?

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