Skate-n-Fun Zone goes beyond the typical skating rink

When you think of Skate-n-Fun Zone,  it’s easy to focus on the Skate part of our name. Still, if you only think about roller skating in Manassas when you  think of us, you’re missing out on all of the other fun we have to offer at Skate-n-Fun Zone. Instead, take a tour of the other attractions we have available at the skating rink that you may find interesting:

Zone Laser – Laser Tag Fun

Adults, teens, and kids alike will all love our Laser Arena. To play, two teams will face off against each other, gaining points for hitting an opponent or an opponent’s base with your laser. Our equipment is lightweight for younger users, though the game is great for all ages. No player is ever “out” of the game, giving your family and friends as much play time as possible during your allotted game time.

skate n fun zone play zone in Manassas

Our Play Zone is right beside the skating area so that the family can enjoy both areas while still being close enough to keep an eye on them.

Play Zone – The perfect place for the younger crowd

Kids can learn to skate as soon as they’ve learned to walk, but not all younger kids enjoy being out on the rink when it’s busier or crowded with others. Play Zone is perfect for ages 10 and under, where they can have a fun time with their peers as they slide, bounce, and swing through our course. It’s a great way to let your teen’s enjoy the skating rink while your younger children get to have a place of their own as well.

Don’t miss out on all of the fun to be had at Skate-n-Fun Zone. Whether you’re stopping by on a Friday evening to have a trip around the rink or scheduling a Laser Tag birthday party, we know you’ll have a blast enjoying our variety of fun options.

Should you buy skates or rent skates at the rink?

roller skate

Should you buy your own skates or rent from the rink? We help you decide.

One of the first things you probably do when getting to Skate-n-Fun Zone is to pay for your skate rental and select your skates. While lacing up your skates, have you ever thought about how your experience might differ if you owned your own skates? Is purchasing your very own roller skates a smart move for you, or are you better off renting? Here are a few things to consider when weighing your options.

The first factor when considering a roller skate purchase: Age

Age should be your first determining factor when deciding whether to buy skates or rent them. If you’re a grown adult with a set shoe size, purchasing skates may be your best bet, as your shoe size is now fairly set and you won’t outgrow your skates. Children, however, are still growing, and may quickly change skate sizes, making renting skates the better option.

The second factor when buying skates: Frequency

The second thing you want to consider when deciding whether or not to buy skates is how often you use them. Are you at the skating rink every week or multiple times a week? Or, do you tend to come once every few months? Owning your own skates could cut down on your costs per month if you’re a regular visitor, saving you from skate rental fees. If you visit our Manassas roller rink less often, renting may be your best bet, as it’s still affordable and you don’t have to carry skates around with you.

The third factor to weigh when considering buying roller skates: Style

Let’s face it–There’s a certain personal style we all like to maintain, and individuals determine what that style is. If you love to show off your personal style, owning your own skates allows you to customize your skates to fit you. You can find a skate style that meets your skating needs, whether you prefer speed skates, regular quad skates, or inline skates, as well customize the laces, colors, and artwork to make your skates all your own. If you don’t mind blending in, rental skates are a great way to have access to skates without having to worry about bringing your own or selecting a pair on your own.


Now that you’re ready to decide if renting or buying roller skates is right for you, head to Skate-n-Fun Zone. We have plenty of skates in multiple styles available for rent so that you can enjoy a day at the rink, and we also sell skates for those of you looking to purchase your very own pair. Be sure to look for skate sales at the rink!


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Summer hours are now in place at Skate-n-Fun Zone!

black roller skates with pink laces

Grab your skates and mark your calendars for these important dates and times.

Summer is finally here; as teacher’s enjoy a little bit of time to themselves and students enjoy time outside of the classroom, Skate-n-Fun Zone is ready to welcome everyone, adults and children alike, to the rink for the some skating fun in Manassas. With updated summer hours and plenty of fun to be had, you and your family and friends will have a blast at our matinee and evening sessions.

What can I expect from Skate-n-Fun Zone this summer?

This summer at the rink we’ll have afternoon skating times that open up our earlier sessions to skating fans of all ages. We’re now open Monday through Friday from 12 PM until 6 PM (admission $6.50), in addition to our evening times. All ages are welcome during these sessions.

In addition to our new afternoon times, we’re hosting a variety of summer events for all ages. From character themed nights like our Spongebob Squarepants Skate on June 28th and Smurfs Skate on July 30th to our mystery IOTPPB Skate on July 12, there’s a little something for everyone throughout the summer at Skate-n-Fun Zone.

As always, we’ll still be offering party planning options for adults and children, skate lessons for all ages, Zone Laser fun for laser tag aficionados, and of course, the perfect skating rink for you to enjoy with your in-lines or quads.

How can I stay informed about upcoming summer fun at Skate-n-Fun Zone?

The best way to stay in touch is through our website, our social media channels, or by stopping in to see us at the rink. Our blog and website will keep you up to date on events and schedules, while our Facebook and Twitter profiles will have news of the moment on what’s going on at the rink. Make sure to follow and fan us!

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Don’t miss our last Tot Rock-n-Roll skate of the season!

toddler on skates

Kids of all ages can have a blast learning to skate. Do your toddlers skate?

When schools in session, your older children are off to class during the day, but your little ones are still at home. Throughout the school year we offer Tot Rock-n-Roll sessions on Tuesday mornings, giving parents, nannies, and care givers a chance for conversation while the kids have a blast learning to skate, honing their skills, or just enjoying a trip around the rink on their toys.

Tuesday, June 18th is our last Tot Rock-n-Roll of the season as school will be letting out. Whether it’s your first Tot session or your hundredth, don’t miss out on all of the fun!

What is Tot Rock-n-Roll?

Tot Rock-n-Roll is a time at the rink just for kids six years of age and younger. It gives the little ones time to interact with others their age and of similar skill levels on skates while parents get to have the perfect opportunity to help their little one master the fun of skating or just enjoy a day out with friends. Strollers and ride on toys are welcome during the Tot Rock-n-Roll sessions so that everyone can get in on the fun, even if your little one is still a bit young for skates.

After Tot Rock-n-Roll finishes, when will tots be able to skate?

Our last Tot Rock-n-Roll toddler skating session will be next Tuesday, June 18th, from 10 AM – 12 PM. When we assume our summer schedule, all ages will be welcome during our afternoon sessions from 12 PM – 6 PM, so bring your toddlers with you! If you’re helping a child learn to skate, we have Skate Mates available to help them through the learning process. We also offer skate lessons for those interested in a little helping hand.

We can’t wait to see you with all the little ones at the rink next Tuesday (and on days between and after)! Want to share the fun with everyone? Take pictures of your toddlers during their session and share them with us on Facebook wall!

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Welcome to our new blog for Skate n Fun Zone!

skate n fun zone

Have a blast at the rink when you skate, play laser tag, and have fun with family and friends.

If you’ve ever been to Skate-n-Fun Zone, then you know all of the fun we have to offer at the rink; from laser tag to tot rock-n-roll, there’s something for every age and every person to enjoy. At the rink, you know what to expect and what you’ll find, but do you know what to look for from Skate-n-Fun-Zone online? You can get the behind the scenes scoop on all the happenings at our rink in Manassas, VA, details on our latest events, and more right here on our website and blog.

What kind of posts will you see on the Skate-n-Fun Zone blog?

On our blog you can expect to find not only details on our upcoming events and news from the rink, but also helpful tips, history, music fun, and more centered around the skating industry. We’ll talk about quad skates and in-lines, offer tips on learning to skate or teaching little ones to skate, discuss the fitness benefits of activities at the rink, and have moments of nostalgia looking back on the history of skating and the music surrounding it. Our blog is a one-stop spot for all you need to know about skating in Manassas.

Where else can I find Skate-n-Fun Zone online?

Skating rinks are all about having fun with your family, friends, and people you meet at the rink; Skate-n-Fun Zone is a social place, so it makes sense that we’re social online, too! Check in on FourSquare when you visit us, Tweet with us, or find us on Facebook! We’d love to get connected with you. Want to tell us (and everyone else!) about your experience at the rink? Post your review on Google + or Yelp!