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When you’re rolling around the rink at Skate-N-Fun Zone during one of our amazing skating sessions, the only thing you use your smartphone for is probably pictures or videos for Snapchat or Instagram. However, there are plenty of apps out there specifically for roller skating! Check out how some of the following iPhone apps can help you up your skating game. smartphone-1132677

Learn to Skate Apps

  •  Roll In Line (Volodymyr Shostakovych)- From standing, safety, turning and more, this app has it all! For $2.99 you get plenty of excellent how-to’s for roller blading.
  • Skate Class – for beginners (Kenjun)- This $4.99 app gives you help from an IISA Level 2 skate instructor, who teaches the basics of inline skating through the use of videos, still frames and slow motion sequences.
  • Skate Technique for Roller Derby 1 or 2Asha Kirkby, former artistic skating champion and current skate instructor, has created these two great apps for quad skating. Yes, while they are targeted for roller derby, if you are looking to improve your quad skating skills, you may still be interested in what she has to offer. App one is $6.99 and app two is $7.99.
  • Skatefresh (Asha Kirkby) – This series of three apps is primarily for learning to rollerblade or inline skate. While the Skatefresh apps range from $8.99 up to $12.99, it has one of three specific apps for your skating level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). All of these apps are set up with the same format for ease of use, and provide useful step-by-step video tutorials breaking down how to do each movement you’re learning.

Location Related Skating Apps

  • iSkate – GPS skating computer for inline and roller skates (Valley Development GmbH)- Not to be confused with iSkate for skateboarders; for $9.99 iSkate will track your roller skating route via GPS for you. If you’ve ever used a fitness GPS tracking app, then this app is basically the same thing.
  • Rollersway – Similar to iSkate, this app tracks your skating route via GPS, tracks distance, duration, speed, calories and more.

With the way technology is always moving forward, we’re sure there are plenty of other great roller skating apps out there (or coming soon); these are just a few. If you decide to download any of these apps, please let us know what you think of them in the comments section.


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