Tips for a Successful Fundraiser


toddler on skatesAre you looking for a new way to raise monty for your organization or non-profit group? Skating is a favorite way to enjoy time with family and friends – make your next fundraiser a skating event! Here are a few tips to help make your next skating fundraiser a success.


  • 1. Plan – Planning is essential! A 3 month head start will give you enough time to spread the word about your event, find an appropriate venue (such as Skate N Fun Zone) and nail down all the necessary details.
  • 2. Choose a Theme – Creating a theme around your fundraiser will add extra excitement! It will drive people to your event and could add extra incentive for people to come.
  • 3. Get the Word Out – The most essential part of a successful fundraiser is making sure people know about your event. Use social media, email blasts, flyers, and worth of mouth to let everyone know about your day.
  • 4. Fun for All Ages – Roller skating is an event that attracts all ages, which is great news for you and your non-profit agency! You can invite absolutely everyone to this event and they will all have a great time.

For your next skating fundraising event, book Skate N Fun Zone. We’d love to help make your event a success. Call us today!

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