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Have a blast at the rink when you skate, play laser tag, and have fun with family and friends.

If you’ve ever been to Skate-n-Fun Zone, then you know all of the fun we have to offer at the rink; from laser tag to tot rock-n-roll, there’s something for every age and every person to enjoy. At the rink, you know what to expect and what you’ll find, but do you know what to look for from Skate-n-Fun-Zone online? You can get the behind the scenes scoop on all the happenings at our rink in Manassas, VA, details on our latest events, and more right here on our website and blog.

What kind of posts will you see on the Skate-n-Fun Zone blog?

On our blog you can expect to find not only details on our upcoming events and news from the rink, but also helpful tips, history, music fun, and more centered around the skating industry. We’ll talk about quad skates and in-lines, offer tips on learning to skate or teaching little ones to skate, discuss the fitness benefits of activities at the rink, and have moments of nostalgia looking back on the history of skating and the music surrounding it. Our blog is a one-stop spot for all you need to know about skating in Manassas.

Where else can I find Skate-n-Fun Zone online?

Skating rinks are all about having fun with your family, friends, and people you meet at the rink; Skate-n-Fun Zone is a social place, so it makes sense that we’re social online, too! Check in on FourSquare when you visit us, Tweet with us, or find us on Facebook! We’d love to get connected with you. Want to tell us (and everyone else!) about your experience at the rink? Post your review on Google + or Yelp!

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