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Healthy & Fun: Roller Skating

For over a century roller skating has offered family fun and exercise. It has been present within the world of sports as well as the world of recreation. On the competitive side, many skaters have found ways to express themselves through roller derby, speed skating, roller hockey, artistic roller skating, and jam skating (breakdancing on roller skates). Through the non-competitive side countless individuals, families, and groups have enjoyed spinning their wheels and feeling the wind in their hair while skating to the modern hists of the day.

Ultimately, this form of exercise is referred to as fun you can feel within the roller skating industry. It provides a fantastic cardio workout, uses a variety of muscles, is easier on the joints as compared to high impact activities, and does wonders for the mood. Skate-N-Fun Zone can help you reach your fitness goals with roller skating!


Roller skating can provide just as much, if not more, of a cardio workout when compared to running or walking. It certainly gets that heart pumping. The American Heart Associationrecommends at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day.

Work Your Muscles

When you roller skate, you are not working just one part of your body or one set of muscles. The legs get a work out with the forward motion and your arms get a workout in assisting with balance. Strength is built in the ankles, abdomen, lower back, feet, knees, hips, and thighs.

Easy on Joints

Runners can sometimes be found running on an asphalt road instead of on the nearby concrete sidewalk in an effort to provide an easier impact on knee and ankle joints. At Skate-N-Fun Zone, you don’t have to worry about that impact. There is much less stress on the joints from the swooping and gliding motion of roller skating as compared to running.

Happy Thoughts

The motion and positive music associated with roller skating often result in a positive mood. It is hard not to get a little lift in your step (or in your glide) when listening to your favorite tunes on wheels!

Find out more about the benefits of roller skating by visiting Skate-N-Fun Zone in Manassas, VA. Make sure you check out the infographic below from the Roller Skating Association (RSA) regarding roller skating and your health:


Save at Skate-N-Fun Zone!

Calling all bargain hunters! We want to send a shout out to you to let you know that we appreciate a good deal just as much as you do. We are proud to share three ways to save money at Skate-N-Fun Zone! skate n fun zone party

Kids Skate Free

If you have little ones and you have not signed up for Kids Skate Free yet, well, what are you waiting for?! Kids Skate Free delivers two free roller skating passes directly to your inbox each week. These passes are good for select roller skating sessions at Skate-N-Fun Zone in Manassas, VA. We’d love to have you take advantage of this program that is 100% FREE for you to take advantage of!

Low Cost Skating Lessons

We offer low cost roller skating lessons at Skate-N-Fun Zone! Take a look at our lesson schedule and join us… It does not matter whether you are a beginner or advanced skater, there is always something to learn!

Party Packages

If you are a parent, then you know that birthday parties are not one size fits all. So, when it comes to booking a birthday party at Skate-N-Fun Zone, we try to accommodate parents, children, and families as much as possible. As a result, we have discovered that offering a variety of party packages to meet a variety of needs has been a great thing for families. Check out our budget friendly party packages and book your next party today!

Booking Back to School Parties!

Fall is coming and our schedule is getting booked up with Back to School Parties, Sports Team Parties, School Night Fundraisers and more! If you are planning a party, you’ll want to book sooner rather than later! football

Birthday Parties

Small, Medium, or Large, we’ve got a party package that will meet your needs! Our party packages are adjustable to with additional options including roller blade rental instead of traditional boot skate rental.

Team Parties

Ever struggle getting a chance to talk to the team parents? Hosting a party at Skate-N-Fun Zone is one of the best ways to fix this. Reserve a party and you’ll have a table to discuss team and season events and activities while younger participants keep themselves busy roller skating around the rink!


We love to work with schools, youth groups, clubs, and organizations in meeting their fundraising goals. Fundraising at Playland Skate Center adds a whole new element of fun and involvement for all of your participants. Contact us for more details regarding fundraising options for your group or organization.

If you’ve got questions about booking your fall party with us, call us at 703-361-7465 and if you’re ready to book now, go ahead and check availability and book online! We’re looking forward to having you.

Fundraisers at Skate-N-Fun Zone

Skate-N-Fun Zone has been a fixture in the Manassas, VA community for many years! We recognize that we are a part of the community, and we love to be able to partner with various schools and organizations in an effort to give back. piggy bank

Over the years, we have had the privilege of partnering with many schools throughout Virginia.

Is Your School or Organization in Search of Extra Funds?

If you are brainstorming for ways to earn extra funds, we’d love to partner with YOU! Partnering with Skate-N-Fun Zone is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  1. Book 4 Events

Book four (4) skate nights in one calendar school year (Skate-N-Fun Zone will deliver your $1,000 check to the school after the completion of your 4th event)

  1. Hand Out Flyers

Pass out event flyers to students at the school. This can be in a packet that goes home to Mom, or handed to the students as they leave to go home for the day!

  1. Advertise!

Get as many people involved as you can! It is important to hit the ground running with advertising. We recommend all of the following:

  • Create a Facebook event on your school, PTA, or organization Facebook page
  • Get the word out using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other social channels you are using
  • Post yard signs reminding parents in carpool lines or pulling in and out of school that your Skate-N-Fun Zone Skate Night is coming up!

For more helpful fundraising information, read our fundraisers page. We hope that your school or organization is able to take advantage of this great fundraising opportunity!

Skate-N-Fun Zone + Kids Skate Free

Did you know you could get 2 free roller skating passes each week to Skate-N-Fun Zone in Manassas, VA?!  Yes, it’s true. 

You are probably asking why would we do this and how can we do this? Well, Skate-N-Fun Zone is a proud partner of Kids Skate Free. Kids Skate Free is an incredible program that encourages young children to get up and get moving!

Encouraging kids to skate each week for free twice a week instills an active lifestyle. And as you may know, roller skating is an incredible activity that is fun and healthy. It is recommended by the Center for Disease Control for kids to get 1 hour of exercise or physical activity per day. And we can’t think of a better way to get their heart rate and burn those calories than lacing up their skates and doing laps around our rink. 

kids skate free

All you have to do is follow these 4 simple steps to get your kids (ages 12 & under) signed up to receive 2 free passes from Kids Skate Free:

  1. Visit the Kids Skate Free site.
  2. Click the green button and sign up!
  3.  Once you have signed up, passes will be emailed to you on Sunday evenings.
  4. Print them off and bring them when you come to skate the following week!

Please keep in mind that passes are valid for children 12 years old and younger. Skate rentals are an additional $4.50. The Kids Skate Free Passes cannot be combined with any other offer. They also cannot be used towards group rates, birthday parties or Skate-N-Fun Zone Special Events.

See you on the rink!

Facts about Roller Skating from the RSA

Located in Manassas, VA, Skate-N-Fun Zone is a fun and safe place for your family and friends to skate into Spring! We have plenty of fun public skating sessions that are open during the week, skating events, plus we are a great venue for Spring birthday parties, corporate events and more!

Recently, the Roller Skating Association (RSA) published a great infographic about the benefits of roller skating. We want to make sure everyone checks it out, so please see it below:



The President of the United States recently issued a proclamation announcing May as “National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.” So roll into Spring with the knowledge that roller skating is not only a super fun activity to do by yourself, with friends and with family, but that it is also really good for your health! Stay off the couch and on your skates this Spring for some excellent exercise!

From our Skate-N-Fun Zone family to yours, we wish you a safe and fun Spring! Please stop by and roll with us sometime soon.