And you've never experienced roller skating like this!

Whatever your skill level, you’re going to love roller skating at Skate N’ Fun Zone. Take hardwood maple floor, add a state-of-the-art computerized dj system, spectacular lighting system and a rocking surround sound entertainment system, and you’ve got a true Skate N’ Fun Zone experience. Skate with friends, meet new people, or take advantage of our unique games that you’ll find no where else. Kids will love our skate mates, and our interactive skate games like Ghostbusters. Our ambient black lighting adds an extra element of excitement with videos, and stunning light shows throughout the facility!

Are Skates Included?

It depends on the session. For the most part skates are not included and there is a $5.50 charge. However, there are sessions like Tot Skate, Home School Skate or special events where we include the cost of skate rental. Skate rental cost can be found on our schedule page, under each individual event.

What time are your sessions?

Our session times and prices can be found on our schedule page.

How much does it cost to skate?

The prices vary depending on the session you skate. Prices for each session are listed on the schedule page. Skate rental is $5.50, unless included with a particular session, again this is available on the schedule page. Skate Mates are an additional $5.

Do adults pay admission?

We do not charge non-skating adult chaperones who are the parent or legal guardian of the child to come in the building.

Can I bring my own skates?

Yes, you may bring your own quad skates or inlines. However, “heelies” are not allowed on the skating floor. Also skates must have a jam plue or toe stop if fitted with the space for one and skates are subject to inspection.

Can I bring a cake, presents, balloons and other party goods in if I do not have a birthday party booked?

No, we do not permit any outside food or beverages to be brought into the facility. If you have a birthday booked, you are permitted to bring in a birthday cake, gifts, balloons, etc.

Do you sell skates?

Yes, we offer skates in varying price ranges, including custom ordered skates. If not in stock, skates generally come in within a couple of business days (unless custom ordered or on back order). Shop online at to see what we carry.

If I have my own skates, do I still have to pay admission?

Yes, we charge an admission fee to come in our building. If you have your own skates you will not need to pay the skate rental fee.