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Bones Speed Cream

Bearing Cream

Roll Line Speed Max ABEC-9

The Roll-Line SPEED MAX Professional Bearings are specifically designed and manufacturered for very High Level Competitive Roller Skating of all types.

The SPEED MAX Professional Bearings are Free Rolling with minimal Radial Play which promotes and very evenly distributes the load across the 8 balls for optimal Roll and a good amount of Axial Play or Thrust, which is the side movement of the inner race in relation to the outer race

Rock GT-50

GT-50 roller skates are so incredibly comfortable, they just make you feel like you are pampering your feet while you roll. It is called the Deluxe Comfort lining, and that is just the right name for the lining of these roller skates.

148 Adjustable Rollerblade’s

The Model 148 is an adjustable inline skate that is targeted for beginner skaters and features a build quality and style that was designed to provide an optimum skating experience. All of these elements result in a skate that is easy to learn on and affordable, while still providing the quality roll and feel of a much more expensive product.

Fun Roll Adjustable

A one of a kind kid’s adjustable roller skate designed to help your kid get more fun out of the sport at an early age

Roll Line ABEC1 (7mm)

Roll-Line Bearings 
Type:   Custom Roll-Line 
Axle Center Bore:  7mm
Outside Diameter:    22mm
Number of Balls:  7 balls single shield
Special Features:  Designed for beginners, is open on one side to allow a good cleaning.
ABEC Rating:  ABEC 1