Super Skater Classes

Are Designed to Teach & Recognize Achievement at the Beginner Level

Any age level may participate. No previous skating skill required.


SAVE!!!! Book a student for 4 or more classes and receive a $30 savings!


Level Up

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out or an more advanced skater looking to take things to the next level, we got you covered.
Move Your Way Up Level by Level!!!

LEVEL 1: Beginner (10:30-11AM)

Learn basic balance, safety skills, stopping and fundamental push techniques.

LEVEL 2: Super Skater I (10:30-11AM)

Learn your forward skating skills and develop cross overs, balance and edges.

LEVEL 3: Super Skater II (10-10:30AM)

Learn your backwards skating, speed, turning and basic jumping. Also develop more one foot skating.

LEVEL 4: Super Skater III (9:30-10AM)

Refine your one foot skating and develop your skill sets. Expand on speed, power, jumping, spinning and learn to develop rhythm and timing to music. Here is where you will start learning footwork and steps.

LEVEL 5: Bronze Level I (9-9:30AM)

Advance your skating skills to the next level. You will develop more power, deeper edges, refine your timing, develop stronger inner edges, and more advance tricks including full revolution jumps, 3 turns and introduction to sit spins & camel spins.


Learn to skate without breaking the bank.

*Includes FREE subsequent public session on Saturday from 11am to 10PM & Skate Rental
**Classes cannot be made up or rescheduled.
***When choosing multiple dates, be sure you choose days you are able to come. Classes are date specific and non-refundable.


  • $20
  • See Plan Details
    30 Minute Class
    FREE Session following Classes
    FREE Skate Rental
Best Price

4 Classes

  • $50
  • See Plan Details
    30 Minute Class
    FREE Session following Classes
    FREE Skate Rental
    10% OFF Skate Purchase


At the roller skating instructor's discretion, upon completion of the Super Skater Class levels, skaters can be tested for Super Skater Tests which is a International test recognized by the Roller Skating Association International.
Click here to see when the next upcoming Super Skater Test Center will be held.