Super Skater 2 Test Requirements

  • Forward Stroking
    After you come to a 2 foot roll, bend your knees and push onto one foot while stretching your free leg to the back. Repeat the same action while stepping onto the opposite foot. Repeat 6-8 times.
  • Forward Crossovers/Cross in Fronts
    Begin skating in a circle. Push forward onto an outside edge then cross front to the inside edge. Repeat 4-5 times. (Right and Left)
  • Forward Outside and Inside Edges
    Balance on two feet, while moving forward on a curve/circle. Pick up one foot and continue the curve while increasing the pressure on the skating foot to create your edge. Edges should be done in both directions and on both the outside and inside edges.
  • Backward One Foot Roll
    Rolling at a comfortable speed backwards, put your feet together. Lift one foot (can be in the front or alongside) roll and hold for 5 seconds (right and left).
  • C-Turn
    2 foot C-turn will be done after the skater starts moving forward and then balances with feet together and arms out. At that time, the skater will turn one foot into the open position while turning the other foot into the closed position. The skater will end up with the feet parallel and together while rolling backwards.
  • Shoot the Duck
    Begin rolling forward with your feet together, deeply bend your knees into a 2 foot squat and fully extend one leg out in front of you with both arms extending forward. Come back up into a standing position.
  • Two-foot Jump (No rotation)
    Roll forward at a comfortable speed with arms extended out. Put your feet together, bend your knees, jump up in the air with your arms puling in, extend arms and bend knees on the landing.
  • T-Start/T-Stop
    Place one foot at a 90 degree angle and place your heel of your opposite foot to the in-step(center) of the skate, making a T. Bend your knees and push onto one foot while stretching your free leg to the back. Roll forward for six seconds before dragging the free foot on a slight angle back into the “T” position.