Super Skater 3 Test Requirements

  • Backward Stroking
    At a comfortable speed, roll backward with arms extended out. Bend your knees and push onto one foot while stretching your free leg to the front. Repeat the same action while stepping onto the opposite foot. Repeat 6-8 times.
  • Backward Crosspulls (Backwards Crossovers)
    Begin skating backwards in a circle with arms extended out. Push backwards onto an outside edge then cross front to the inside edge and repeat 4-5 times.
  • Backward Outside and Inside Edges
    Balance on two feet, while moving backwards on a curve/circle. Pick up one foot and continue the curve while increasing the pressure on the skating foot to create your edge. Edges will be done in both directions and on both the outside and inside edges.
  • Forward Cross Behinds
    While rolling forward, pick up one foot and cross it behind the skating foot, switching the weight to the new foot and with the free leg stretching forward.
  • Two-foot Jump (1/2 Revolution)
    Roll forward at a comfortable speed with arms extended out. Put two feet together, bend your knees, jump up in the air with your arms pulling in and rotate 1/2 revolution in the air, landing backwards with arms extending out and knees bent.
  • One Foot Turn
    While rolling forward on one foot with arms extended out, turn from forward to backward finishing on the same foot. Repeat action 3 times (switching feet is optional).
  • Backward Slalom
    Skaters should start moving backwards at a comfortable speed. Once balanced, with feet together, curve left to right in a zigzag pattern continuing down the floor.
  • Two Foot Spin
    Standing still with feet shoulder width apart. Bend the knees and rotate the upper body the opposite way of your spinning direction. At this time, come up on your knees, puling your arms in and feet together to create a spinning motion.