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All American Plus

All Americans most popular wheel gives a great balance of grip and slickness for the intermediate to advanced skater

*Hard Wheel Allows For Sliding

Backspin Deluxe

Blue (92A)

Red (95A)

Backspin Eclipse

From VNLA, the new Backspin Eclipse wheel is not only the lightest aluminum hubbed wheel on the market – it also is a features a new profile of 59mm x 39mm. This lower center of gravity offers skaters more control and agility while speed, jam, or derby skating!

Backspin Remix

Black (92A)

White (97A)

Backspin Uprock

Blue with Black hub (92A)

Black with Blue hub (95A)

Red with Black hub (95A)

Pink with Blue hub (95A)

Bowl Bombers

Bones is no stranger to developing some of the best, most highly sought after wheels in quad skating , and they’re finally dipping their toes into the (empty) pool you want to skate so badly. Bowl Bombers have been redesigned from their Powell skateboarding days into a smaller, slimmer, and harder wheel fit for the gnarliest shredding you can imagine. Dive in!


Blue (92A)

Orange (96A)


The Clawz wheel by Southeastern Skate Supply is roller girl and jam skater favorite. For jam skaters they like the rainbow of colors the Clawz wheels come in and the graphics are an added bonus. For roller girls the Clawz wheel represents a good choice for those on a budget who still need to get mileage and dependability out of a speed wheel.


Equalizer Speed Wheels – tall for speed, skinny for quick moves. Hybrid speed wheels especially for roller derby or any outdoor speed skating. Plenty of grip without sacrificing speed. 86a Faster than Sugar wheels but just as quick spinning and turning, quick jammer moves between other skaters in the pack.


Sure-Grip Fame wheels are the same wheel that is on the Fame Skate Package. A great artistic wheel for the beginner skater. These replacement quad skate wheels are made out of urethane so expect a better grip.

FAME Clear

The Sure-Grip Fame Clear Indoor Wheels are made of long wearing urethane for excellent grip!


They are 57mm x 31mm, with a hardness of 95A.

Firefly Light Up Wheel

Why just stand out at the rink when you can always take these fun wheels outdoors? The Fire-Fly light up roller skate wheels come in THREE different colors, red, green and yellow — that all flash simultaneously!



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